Webhosting Dictionary - D

Data stored on a web server in a structured format. The most common query (information retrieval) language for relational databases is SQL. Linux-based hosts most commonly include MySQL database and Windows NT-based hosts usually include Access or MS SQL databases.

Dedicated IP
Your site will always have the same IP address and your IP address will not be shared with other users or web sites.

Dedicated Server
A server rented from the web host, necessary for sites that outgrow shared servers because they use allot of resources or require complete control over the server.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, used to automatically obtain an IP address in the Local Area Network.

Domain name server.

To find any web page on the Internet you usually type in a so called URL (e.g. www.webhostingtutorial.com). Generally, every computer on the Internet is uniquely identified by an IP-address so a computer can find any other computer. But as it would be very annoying if we had to remember all those complicated numbers, domain names are used to find a specific website. When you enter www.webhostingtutorial.com, the computer uses a so called name server to translate this name into an IP-address to find the web server where this site is located.

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