How did you get into website design?

Thats what we are here for adssi :) Any questions you have we can help!!

Yeah I did start with c++ in my early days so it made PHP very understandable!
I first started programming with QBASIC haha, then moved on to web design about 2 years ago, finally getting good at it! But theres always more to learn
Discovered the internet 6 years ago. Just watched some nasty sites back then. Then I found that a couple of seniors were starting their own website and I wanted to start my own personal page. Discovered yahoo geocities at that time and started building my personal home page. That's how I got started.
I was looking for a career and at that time really wanted a website for the horror movie series Halloween. Launched my first website and looking back it was quite funny how little i knew and still got alot of traffic due to the content and sections i provided. Its all about the content people. Started getting more into how to code properly and how everything works and it all took off from there. I started designing sites for non-profit companies to build my portfolio.

I worked for several years as a developer and designer but clients became the stress of me so moved into business and mostly out-source jobs now due to being so busy.

Still do the odd bit of coding now and again to keep myself sharp:)
I first got into webdesign when I was a young teenager playing Diablo II. I wanted to make a website for clans and then became interested in selling the virtual items for money. I slowly became tired of playing the game and moved into working with forums that gave away free items in exchange for points. I ended up getting out of web design a little bit for a while when I became interested into graphic design. To me, as long as I can get my money back from what I out into a project it is all well worth it as it is a great hobby. Now, don't think that I don't have a social life because I do, I just can't be playing soccer or hanging out with my friends every single minute of the day and web and graphic design allow me to get away from my homework and the tv.
hmmm! hello! everyone im just new here i also like to to designed websites. i also wanted to be a good website design guys can you give me some tips? i really wanted to build my own website design thanks guys ^_^
Hi, new to the site so I thought I would say hi, and add my bit to this thread.

I started coding HTML in 1997, learning through the tutorials in HotDog (the Dreamweaver of it's day). I went on to Notepad once I had the basics down, and still do everything in code, checking rather how the actual browers display my pages rather than the ones from the apps. I am paranoid that way.

I have since I started gaming heavily, and doing technical work created multiple sites for a combination of things, home style links pages to all my technical resources, pages for gaming groups I was a part of things like that.

Now I cheat, for smaller less dynamic sites (none of the web2.0 stuff basically) i will code everything from scratch using PHP primarily, and mainly keep things as CSS layouts rather than flash etc. Keeps the layouts and pages faster. For the more content driven / user driven sites (the web2.0 ones) I prefer to use the CMS packages, grabbing the one that best suits, and hacking it to do what I want.

Currently I run 2 Joomla Sites, 1 e107, and theme and content design for a PHP-Fusion site for a client, and have 2 small sites with are a mix of PHP and CSS. I do all the graphics work myself, and do my own photography, and use a mix of illustrator, photoshop and paint shop pro and for web design I use dreamweaver (all adobe CS3 atm, but I am getting CS4 in the next week or so).

Most of my work lately has been for the game I play (90% of my gaming life is towards it, and a lot of my clients are from it, and due to the nature of the game, they actually pay for me to continue to play it. I play eve-online.

I am looking at doing art and design at UNI, going back to do it, and moving into this area professionally in the coming years. So this site may well be a blessing for me!
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It's one of the requirements way back in College. We have to design our own webpage and that's the start. It's quite interesting.
Ya i get into a web design and I am horeble in that I took almost 3 months learning it but when comes it for the big day of test my hands were shivring but I recovred froam that day my big bro pumped me up and I am pety ok in design:)